A place I’d like to visit someday.

Welcome! My name is Caroline Kane Aguiar, writing is my passion. I started to write when I was fifteen years old and have never stopped since.

My favorite topics to write about are my life on our 2,800-acre guest/horse ranch in Baja California, Mexico, our adventures traveling up and down the Baja Peninsula, poetry, fiction, memoir, and children’s stories.

After 4 years of long hard work, I’ve completed and published my YA book, At the Edge of the Forest.

This is the epic story of a young girl named Kira growing up in dangerous times during the Viking Era. Her comfortable home life is suddenly torn apart and she must find a way to put it back together, and save her mother and her people from an evil tyrant who has oppressed them for years. Kira embarks on the quest of a lifetime as she learns to confront her enemy while at the same time she learns the true meaning of love, forgiveness, and compassion for herself and the people in her life.

My second children’s book, Molly and Her Monsters is now live on Amazon.com

Molly is a cute red-haired little girl who gets bullied at school because she looks different from the other children. It’s not until she meets a very special friend that she discovers she can put a Stop to the bully if she believes in herself. Find out what happens and how she overcomes this problem.

You can also find me on https://vocal.media/authors/story-girl-ca-caroline and https://medium.com/@storygirlca, these are sites for writers and creators. If you love to write and want to join a lovely community of writers and gain more exposure for your writing these are friendly places to do so and you can earn a little money while you’re at it.

I truly hope you enjoy what you read here within this blog. When I know readers enjoy my work it brings me great joy.

I’m on Facebook and Instagram. See you here or there!