Enjoy the Holidays this Year and Throw Stress Out the Window!

This year I told myself I wasn’t going to get caught up in all the holiday hype. As I’ve grown older, hopefully, wiser, I’ve learned a last-minute mad rush to buy the perfect gift, or risk being told off by someone in the parking lot because I mistakenly took their place, or their toy, isn’t what Christmas is about and in the midst of Covid, I might add.

This season is a season of light. A time of Love and Grace. Why is everyone in such a rush to “do” before the magical night arrives? Instead, why don’t we enjoy every day of the season with family and friends in the present moment and with what we have? Each other.

In previous years, when December 1st arrived my familiar friend stress arrived with his sack of goodies for me to sift through. Present wrapping, shopping, adjusting work schedules around family get-togethers, not to mention our holiday dinner which I saw as a chore sometimes. I never failed to forget something at the market and then have to dash to the store for the butter, an egg, or milk. So annoying!

Not this year! I’ve made s solemn promise to myself not to get attached to the “to do” list ever again. This year I’m going to enjoy the holidays with my family and what happens, happens.

If you are one of those people, like me, who rush around like crazy making sure everyone has presents, loads of food, and good cheer whether they want to or not, think again.

     I remember one day standing in a mega line at a popular clothing store with three or four clothing items hung over my arm. The line was enormous. I started to feel stress rise in my chest or was I picking up on stress from other people? 

Anyway, the line crawled at a snail’s pace. Finally, fifth in line I heard a woman’s voice in front yelling at the checker because she overcharged her by a few dollars. What was the necessity for this woman to pronounce almost every bad word known to mankind at this poor checker who undoubtedly felt the holiday pressure too?  Let’s give each other a break, shall we?

     Besides the pressures of the holidays, this season brings up all sorts of emotions, memories, and feelings we’ve become good at ignoring the rest of the year. Why is it the holidays that bring them to the forefront? I’ve found the holidays force us to look at situations we need to resolve, if possible, as we move into the New Year, There’s nothing like starting off the new year with a clean slate and our baggage less heavy than it was before.

     Isn’t it more important to enjoy each day leading up to the miracle of Christ’s birth with Love in our hearts, with our families around us in celebration of this magical season? I don’t want to spend these days stressed out and angry at people. This is the season we bring more Love into each other’s lives and it’s high time we recognize this.  As a side note, it would be nice to bring more Love into each other’s lives every day of the year but the holidays tend to drive this home more than usual.

     This year I didn’t over obsess about finding the perfect tree, or decorations, or the most expensive and biggest gift I could give to my family. Do you know what is the best gift we can give? Love, Kindness and, Compassion to your family and everyone who crosses your path.

That’s probably the best option. toss frustration and stress out the window. Enjoy the holiday surrounded by people you love and who love you.

Happy Holidays!

3 responses to “Enjoy the Holidays this Year and Throw Stress Out the Window!”

  1. “Why don’t we enjoy every day of the season with family and friends in the present moment and with what we have?” Great question. I often wonder why we burn ourselves out – only to relax once Christmas dinner is served. When you get wrapped up (ha) in consumerism you miss the whole point. Lovely words Caroline 🙏


    1. Carolineaguiarauthor Avatar

      Hi there, I apologize for answering rather late. I just saw you’re comment. lol me too. I’m able to relax only when I finally sit at the table and dinner is served. Not good but that’s what we do.

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    2. Carolineaguiarauthor Avatar

      Thank you very much. lol me too. Why is it so hard to relax before we sit down to dinner? This year I tried to stay away from consumerism. MY granddaughter made this easy. Lots of fun time with her. Thank you for commenting, take care.

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