Becoming Bullet Proof

When a writer is asked, how do you find time to write without letting life get in the way? One might answer, we become Bullet Proof.

As singer La Roux portrays in Bulletproof, a song about the Human Condition and lessons learned from our past experiences, this appears to be the topic of the day for everyone as we adapt to life in a global pandemic, and as we cope and manage our lives in the best way possible.

More and more writers are writing on topics such as anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, depression, imposter syndrome, sleep deprivation, and confusion. Coping with this new system of living isn’t easy. The seriousness of it has taken a toll on many of us and has dramatically changed our lives over the course of the past two years. For some, the pandemic has changed their lives forever.

As writers, we want to become better at our craft. We want to gain skill, better our ear for dialogue, read more and establish communication and friendships with like-minded people. How do we do this in the midst of life where it feels as if living is doing the impossible? How do we find the perfect time to write when life is happening all around us on many intricate levels for everyone?

The truth is, there is no perfect time. Even when conditions seem impossible, we do the impossible. We as Human Beings do impossible things every day. Do we really become Bullet Proof?

As we know, disturbances come up for us throughout our lives that temporarily throw us off course from our writing life. On the other hand, when we are thrown off course this may fuel the fire to write more. No one is immune but we do have a choice in how we handle any given situation and how we cope and manage.

Writers, musicians, and painters are artists along with many others whom I haven’t mentioned here. The way they express themselves through their art is a coping mechanism for life. Many writers write about what they know. From childhood to adults our lives are full of topics and perspectives to write about. While in the face of the pandemic and personal challenges our art, our craft, is a way we cope even in conditions that seem impossible.

In all truth, no one is bulletproof. Life is happening all around us every minute of the day. There are times we want to give up but as Human Beings, we never stop wanting to learn and we never stop learning. If we need help, we ask for it. We take care of our bodies, we get plenty of rest, and are mindful of what we eat so we can better manage impossible conditions and our minds and hearts are fueled with the desire to write, express, and communicate through our words.

If you’re struggling with anything you’re not alone. Write about it. Use your creative form of expression to sort out your thoughts and convey words of hope and wisdom to anyone else who is dealing with a similar situation. We’re here for each other.

When conditions in life overwhelm you and you’re perfect writing time appears to have fallen by the wayside, follow the rhythm of your own soul and write when you feel better. Write when you feel the spark of inspiration. Write when perhaps your own life experiences need to be told.

Our job isn’t to overcome life. Our task is to live, explore, share, and develop the Human Condition which is encompassing the totality of the experience of being human and the ongoing way in which we react to or cope with situations in our lives. Bulletproof we’re not, but almost.

American Pulitzer Prize winner and short story author and poet, Grace Paley quoted in one of her poems, “Be Who You Are”. This couldn’t be truer. Life may feel impossible at times, It’s as if we’re tossed every which way except where we want to be but it’s important to discover our own rhythms.

Like the changing of the seasons, or when a bear decides to hibernate, we too can find our natural rhythm for living healthy productive lives that fuel our soul. We’ll find our writing time and ease into our role as creators rather than feeling frustrated or angry because life is happening to us and would everyone just back off long enough so I can write? Why won’t life give me a little peace?

Becoming bulletproof isn‘t the answer. Our job is to do the best we can with and where we are. As Human Beings that is what we do and we do it well.

2 responses to “Becoming Bullet Proof”

  1. When we do our best, however, we could sometimes end up being better than bulletproof. And that’s a comforting thought to have. But yeah, at the end of the day, it does us well to just strive for our best. Thanks for this post!


    1. Carolineaguiarauthor Avatar

      You’re very welcome Stuart. Sorr,y I’m answering late I just saw this. And yes, I think that’s all any of us can do, our best in whatever way that may be. Have a good one!


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