Fostering Kindness and Inclusivity in 2022

Our new year, 2022 is well underway. February is already knocking at the door and I’m still wondering about my plans, my goals, and commitments I’ll make this year with every intention to move ahead, leave the old year behind, and set my sites on compassionate participation within our world as a fellow human being and inhabitant of our beloved planet.

     It’s my highest belief, the more in tune with ourselves and grounded we are, the easier we’re able to move through life with a healthy contagion of defined goals, positive perspectives, clear vision, and loving ways of being. This requires overcoming the harmful coping mechanisms, fateful patterns we so easily prey to, self-sabotage, and narcissistic tendencies that have kept us cowering in the corner because we’re terrified of stepping into our light and allowing ourselves to shine.

     This is a long and arduous process of looking at our shadow side. Most of us prefer not to go there but the results of doing so are invaluable beyond our wildest imagination.

Like it or not, our shadow side is with us every day. It appears with everything you do that you know isn’t good for you yet you do it anyway. It appears when we lash out at others and when addiction to food, sex, alcohol, drugs, or whatever, pulls us into the dark pit of despair. The shadow takes you to the forbidden areas of your psyche and in some mystical way, although we think of our shadow side as evil and gloomy, it really wants to remind us, “Hey, wake up. You’re about to do something that will hurt you. Are you sure you want to do this?”  We have a choice, especially at the moment we decide to stuff that extra piece of chocolate cake into our mouth. We know it’s not good for us, nevertheless, in it goes.

      The most important way we can foster kindness and inequity in 2022 is first, to be kind to ourselves. Listen to the shadow who reminds you you’re about to do some fool hearty damage. Regarding my own shadow self, I plan to listen.  At least most of the time!

     When I catch myself listening to the small voice that tells me I’m not smart, or not good enough, instead of giving up, I plan to stand up for myself because I’m worth it, and so are you.

     What can we do to ensure we foster kindness with others this year and with ourselves?  Forgive past misconceptions, confusion, and anger with ourselves or other people and situations. Hanging on to hurt and resentment doesn’t relinquish your inner light. Instead, it casts a heavy shadow over it and as time goes by this shadow becomes harder to shove aside.

     Take care of yourself. Practice a healthy diet. Exercise, indulge in your favorite activities. Take positive action and move towards your goals. All of these things will lighten your load. You’ll feel happier, brighter, and more capable of handling stressful situations that come with daily life.

    Most importantly, be kind to yourself, and automatically you will want to be kind to others. If you have a busy day, carve out in stone quiet time for you.  Don’t push yourself aside for the sake of other people’s demands on you. Their stuff may be important but your inner light and happiness are important too.

    Forgive any and all past discrepancies. Harboring regret, sadness, and memories of a painful past will not allow you to view the future with hope or compassion. The bottom line; work on yourself. Nurture yourself so you can foster loving-kindness and inequity to all you know and meet this new year.

     We may be on different paths but as Human Beings we are part of the whole. Together we can encourage and support each other through healthy perspectives on love and life and through genuine kindness for our friends, lovers, and neighbors.

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