Fine Tuning Yourself

The Ongoing Battle with Stress and Anxiety for Sensitive People

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When it comes to finding solutions to curb stress and anxiety, I’m a serious advocate. There’s no denying we can’t wipe stress from our lives forever, but there are ways to lighten the load by making healthy choices as we go about our day. We become highly acute to our emotional and mental health, physical health, and what we put into our bodies. So how do we accomplish this?

Many of us have read or know about the benefits of meditation. I’m currently on day twelve of my meditation challenge. So far, I’ve missed three days, and the rest of my challenge is not looking good. Either the phone rings, my daughter needs something, or I can’t quiet the constant thoughts that run around in my head.

Albeit I have soft music playing in the background, my sage bundle burning by my side, and my crystal singing bowl in front of me, somehow, meditation isn’t always the answer, at least for me. I prefer journaling or taking walks in nature and spending time with my animal companions.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Music of the Universe

Protect Your Well-Being

Stress and overwhelm can feel as if your head is about to explode for sensitive people. I have to run or hide to get a few moments to myself, so I can recharge my battery, breathe, and find my sense of balance again. Over the years, I’ve learned who and what to avoid that will rake my vital life energy over the coals if I’m not careful.

Today, I had many errands to run, and traffic was awful. In a mad dash to the grocery store, I grabbed a package of Quinoa and mushroom patties, real cheddar cheese, which I never eat, and rushed home and made my lunch. Eating healthy is another way to calm heightened energy levels. Too much sugar, coffee, and starchy foods cause your blood sugar to spike and fall rapidly, causing more imbalance in your system.

My sandwich? It was delicious and so good; I knew immediately it was what my body required. There’s no need to spend a fortune on gourmet food items to maintain a healthy diet. Today I happened to be in a store where they had the patties, so I grabbed them.

After eating, I already felt much better; I sat down on my meditation rug, lit my sage bundle, Alexa played my favorite meditation music, and I meditated for fifteen minutes. With each deep breath, I felt stress slowly melt away, starting from the top of my head and out through the soles of my feet.

In the age we live in with stress and anxiety running rampant at every turn, it’s important we learn what our emotional, mental, and physical bodies need to avoid becoming so overwhelmed we can’t function properly. Each person is different. For some, meditation works wonders, while for others, journaling or working in the garden works just as well to reduce stress and anxiety.

Photo by Shutterstock Contributor @Pixels

Our Emotional Health

Whatever it may be, stay vigilant when it comes to overextending yourself in any given situation. Sensitive people are easily overwhelmed in large crowds when they’re stuck in traffic, skip meals, and spend time with certain people because sensitive people tend to take on other people’s energy, including places they visit.

Taking care of our emotional health is imperative to living a healthy, vibrant life. Expect some stress now and then; that’s a given, but when you are truly in tune with the nature of you, you will know when and how to step away and nurture yourself back into a place of peace and balance.

Here are some ideas that may appeal to you:

1. Arrange a space in your home that is sacred to you. Start by placing objects on your desk or a small table. Add pictures, candles, or anything that reminds you of what you love and what brings you peace.

2. Meditate

3. Walk in nature. The park or your backyard works too.

4. Journal. Get creative! Make your journal.

5. Eat healthily nourish your body.

6. Practice Prayer.

7. Spend time with your animal companions.

8. Listen to music.

9. Practice setting healthy boundaries.

Above all, listen to what your body and heart are trying to tell you. The more you become “in tune” with you, stress and anxiety won’t be able to hang around for very long.

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